BlockIvy is an ICO ETF company with patents on 25 indices.  We have begun patenting the ETFs and are almost done writing the white paper.  Several lawyers have agreed we are utility token.  Not one has considered us a security. The ICOs will include a few simple smart contracts that have already been developed, but we may change our blockchain so they will have to be rewritten,  it shouldn't take more than a day to complete.  We intend on creating ETFs on the top 5,10, 20, 50, 100 and sector ETFs.  We will simply charge a 1% management fee and accept nothing more from the investors.  We aim to be the BlackRock of ICOs. Our team has extensive experience in creating, redeeming and rebalancing ETFs. The first year we will charge the management fee up front, every year after will be annualized.  If we can get a growth hack and raise $10 million we can have roughly $100k in marketing money.  We will use a double taxation structure to reduce total taxes to 5%.  The more we raise the more we can spend on marketing.  We intend to create a brand.  The Pinksheets/Bulletin boards have roughly $2 billion assets under management in ICO ETFs.  The ICO market is much bigger on ICO exchanges. We believe we can ultimately manage $4-$5 billion, which equates to $40-$50 million revenues with very little expenses.  Most the expenses will be incurred the first year where we intended to spend almost all the money we raise on marketing.

We are looking for a stellar growth hacker with a track record to join the team to get us started.  In return, you will be given equity.  If ICO's double then our profits double.  

If you have extensive and successful experience ICO growth hacking, we would love to interview you.  Our second option is to raise $200k from an angel investor, but we would rather have a full-time growth hacker who has the incentive to grow with us.