GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem will be creating the systems of the future. It has the only truly stable cryptocurrency design and has found all the solutions to the downsides of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Their first project is to build an asset backed token stock exchange.

GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Montreal, QC, Canada
Mar 21, 2018
Duties: Researching, general planning, managing, executing, business tracking and coordination maintenance of the blockchain industry projects. Maintaining timely and efficient communication with the team of various departments in the company, organizing relevant resources and ensuring the project is proceeding as planned. Timely detection and follow-up to solve project problems, project risk management; Regularly summarizing project progress and data. Requirements:    Bachelor's degree or above in finance, internet, or related majors are preferred.    More than two years of project management experience, experience in related industries such as Internet finance, stock market or blockchain is preferred.    Have a strong sense of time management, good execution and sense of responsibility, can lead the team to complete the goal efficiently.    Excellent communication skills in English, strong teamwork spirit, strong ability to withstand pressure.