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At LDA, we sincerely believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world as much as the internet has. The ideas, concepts, and the proliferation of the decentralization of our world should not be taken lightly. We are deeply connected with several very well known blockchain companies, which we can not disclose yet because of NDA's. But there are a lot of large companies in this space that are supporting and engaging with us.


Our servers are constantly collecting enormous amounts of cryptocurrency pricing and fundamental data. With the data that we collect, we are able to analyze exciting datasets that allow us to:

  • Develop advanced in-house trading algorithms
  • Publish cutting-edge research and industry insights
  • Implement both new and traditional financial metrics to cryptoassets

We are pairing some of the industry’s most experienced traders with programming experts to present the world with unparalleled industry research. By implementing creative and unique research strategies, we will be able to dive and analyze patterns that other’s may have overlooked, providing our team with a strategic edge in predicting future market movements and creating unique, in-house valuation models for cryptoassets.


I hope it does, because we are seeking experienced data scientists preferably with a strong background in finance that are ecstatic and enthusiastic about blockchain and cryptoassets as much as we are. The thought of publishing ground-breaking research and potentially being involved in the development of the future "industry standard" of a crypto-asset valuation model should be thrilling. If not, this job is not for you.

Lunar Digital Assets Los Angeles, CA, USA
Mar 20, 2018
We are looking for a full-time   Sr. Data Scientist / Analyst / Big Data Specialist   to lead our Research & Insights team. You will be reporting directly to the CFO and the Director of Research (and CEO when needed.) Your main role is strategize and "think outside the box" to develop unique cryptoasset valuation models using live, historical, and projected future data You will be assisting our Data Science Intern in the projects that he is assigned You will be responsible for publishing ground-breaking insights and analytics that have never been done in the cryotoasset space. Your goal will be to become a leader not only in this company, but in the cryptoasset industry as a visionary for applying old and new metrics to cryptoassets You will lay out the groundwork for creating metrics and valuation models for cryptoassets for the inevitable time when the crypto market is no longer a speculative market. The aforementioned roles are very vague, because we need a candidate that will truly take initiative and decide how we can apply big data in a useful and insightful way to create valuable data for institutions and crypto-funds in this growing industry Location:   Remote work is possible, if you promise to be a superstar :) But we prefer you to be in the Los Angeles or Orange County area for occasional meetings.  Salary:   will range from $85,000 to $140,000 DOE, and yearly bonuses are a possibility depending on the quality and impact of your work. We are currently a small funded start-up, so a possible promotion to an executive/director position with equity is not out of the question either. Benefits: Health / Vision / Dental PTO / Vacation Days Remote Work Excellent Potential for Advancement in the Company Application: Please send a CV with your resume 1) Explain what your current favorite project / cryptocurrency is and why; 2) What your favorite cryptoasset valuation model currently is and why (NVT, INET, VOLT, etc) Job Type: Full-time Salary: $85,000.00 to $140,000.00 /year