Selfkey Foundation

SelfKey is a fast-growing blockchain technology start-up, developing innovation in digital-identity management software, empowering individuals (and companies) to truly own, control, and manage their personal identity-data. Our products enable individuals and organizations to safely and intelligently transact and verify personal identity data, through the development of a digital alternative (to antiquated systems currently in place) using the latest blockchain technology to fuel advancement in our field.

Selfkey Foundation Chiang Mai, Thailand
Aug 30, 2018
SelfKey is a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity. In today’s world, your digital identity details are stored across thousands of servers in various places where you’ve registered an account. Ongoing large-scale hacks of stolen data in recent years have shown that big centralized stores of information pose serious security concerns. During recent ICO, Selfkey reached the 'Public Sale Max Cap' in 11 minutes, raising $22M in the public sale. Built on open-source technology, our products power various market and business use cases, such that; enable users to instantly and securely obtain citizenship and residency by investment, access hundreds of FinTech products and services, incorporate companies, open bank accounts, authorize to trade on exchange platforms, manage cryptocurrency portfolios & receive/send/store ETH (or any ERC-20 token), and more. We believe the future of identity management lies in utilizing blockchain technology because it’s decentralized, immutable, and protected by cryptography. You’ll be able to take full ownership of your personal data and identity, while sharing only the necessary information with other individuals or organizations. When it comes to crypto exchanges, financial products, and token sales - this can remove the often complex, repetitive, and redundant process of KYC/AML (Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering). Role Description : In this role you will be working in a small but growing team, developing a cross-platform desktop identity and cryptocurrency wallet using Electron and React JS. You will have the opportunity to learn about interfacing with the Ethereum blockchain and writing decentralized applications utilizing smart contracts. This is an ideal position for a blockchain enthusiast or avid learner with great attention to detail and a passion for problem solving. This is a 100% remote, full-time equivalent role with flexible working hours, however; you will be required to attend team standups, sprint kickoff and retrospective meetings on occasion. Every effort is made to schedule these at a convenient time for all team members. Experience working in an agile software development environment is desirable. Key Responsibilities: Design solutions to technical problems relating to decentralized identity management Build our desktop identity wallet using Electron and ReactJS Lay groundwork for architecture and build a NEW corporate wallet version for identity management for enterprise consumption, from scratch.. Write and maintain unit and integration tests Document external APIs for consumption by third parties Package and document node modules to share internally with other teams Participate in story point estimation, code reviews and team retrospectives Maintain CI/CD workflow using Travis CI Desirable Skills/Experience: React JS Node.js Electron Typescript AngularJS Docker Kubernetes Travis CI Remote work experience Agile software development experience