Flexiana is remote team of an independent senior Clojure developers and geeks, who left huge corporations and corporate bureaucracy to work on a projects we enjoy. Flexiana is the team of world-class experts with 7+ years experience and PhD degrees in Machine Learning or Mathematics.

Our mission is to deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our partners in many areas all around the world. We are very focused on the Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies and functional programming.

We provide quality and professional full-cycle application development, web application development, mobile application development and custom software development.

Flexiana Remote
Mar 18, 2018
Over the past several months, we have seen Flexiana grow from a group of few people to solid team because of professionalism and customer appreciation. The scope of our projects is far interesting than that of most conventional businesses, which leads to a wide variety of tasks that need to be performed. We are not a conventional business. First and foremost, all our colleagues are expected to create regular work product that is reviewed by others, customers and public. We are the community of doers and we expect senior approach and skills. We are looking for Experienced developers with following skills: Blockchain Security Distributed systems Cryptography basics Performance, scalability Ability to read scientific papers Ability to (at least) read C++ code We offer You can join us for a couple of weeks trial when we can get to know each other better, you can do it beside of your normal job You can work from anywhere You can be paid partially or fully in any cryptocurrency Openness, agility and no micromanagement Extensive support from all colleagues Long term   cooperation Help with state bureaucracy, taxes, etc. A finally we are preparing villa in Thailand where you can stay for free