Atlas City Finance

Atlas City Finance (ACF) is engaged in the development of a new blockchain ecosystem under the working name of OlympusBC.

OlympusBC is a new Lean Blockchain that sets out to resolve the scaling challenges that are holding back adoption and growth of popular blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo.

We have formed an exceptionally strong team of developers from a diverse range of backgrounds from new financial trading and corporate blockchains through to early Bitcoin developers and important code contributors. From this team we've developed an exceptional and still classified new blockchain that is true to the original vision and goals of Bitcoin while solving the adoption challenges stopping wider adoption.

A blockchain capable or hundreds of thousands of transactions per second without the need to layer on "relief" layers such as the Lightning Network or Sharding. Program true Turing Complete smart contracts in multiple languages from C++ to C#. Even at scale run on light hardware while using a new type of Proof of Work to avoid a PoS system that financially only benefits those with large amounts to stake.

Lots of ongoing R&D, new thinking and ultimately commercialisation in multiple markets.

Atlas City Finance London, UK
May 26, 2018
We're seeking experienced C++ developers with good knowledge of one or more blockchain's such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo etc. Senior through to junior based on experience but we expect even junior developers to be able to demonstrate a good awareness of blockchain principles. You will be working alongside a strong team of blockchain developers from a diverse set of blockchain backgrounds and will get to learn and use a broad range of new technologies and skills in a fun yet challenging environment. While you will be working on the core blockchain you will also have the opportunity to work on many other aspects of the ecosystem being developed including wallets, IoT devices, home blockchain gateways, smart contracts and more. Our office environment is a fun and creative environment to work in with many benefits ranging from free drinks, free bar, relaxation rooms, games floor and many social activities. We are a startup so you will need to thrive in a startup culture but with that you get to shape the products and businesses in ways simply not possible within a large organisation. Competitive salary, token and share options, pension, healthcare and other benefits. Don't just develop dApp's or evolutions of old blockchains. Spread your wings and work on truly original ideals and products that can change the world.