Atlas City Finance

Atlas City Finance (ACF) is an internationally funded financial services company that is setting out to use the power, fairness and transparency of blockchain to change how the world thinks about and uses money.

Our mission is to bring financial services to the worlds banked and unbanked alike, to give people access to the best financial services in the most transparent and trustworthy way. This means working with traditional and new challenger banks as well as traditional and new types of financial service provider.

Specifically, we provide an ecosystem consisting of three principle products.

- OlympusBC, an open source .NET Core based blockchain that is extremely scalable, efficient, interoperable and easy to develop for.

- Plutous, a financial services layer that run on top of OlympusBC to provide specialised financial services across a growing list of verticals including pensions, insurance and online gaming.

- The digital wallet, a modular and extendible wallet with appstore to provide a convenient one stop shop for dApp's and services running on Plutous and OlympusBC