We aim to build an one-stop digital asset platform. MaiCoin's services include: Instant Exchange, Electronic Wallet, and Merchant Service. Everyone (no age limit) can apply for a free MaiCoin account.

Instant Exchange - Instant Exchange - Instant Exchange is one of our primary services. There are multiple payment options for user to choose from when purchasing Bitcoin on MaiCoin. Start buying digital assets

Electronic Wallet - You receive a free complimentary electronic wallet when you register for an account on MaiCoin. The wallet can be used to receive and store digital assets. Take bitcoin as an example, bitcoin is a P2P application. Bitcoin users can send bitcoins to any Bitcoin addresses in the world. Sending and receiving Bitcoin is just as intuitive as sending and receiving email.


Merchant Service - MaiCoin also provides multiple Bitcoin payment tools for all kinds of merchants. Applying for a merchant account today and start accepting Bitcoin payments from all over the world. Bitcoin payments can be converted to NTD automatically with no fee, so that merchants have no exposure to the risk of Bitcoin value volatility. How to apply for a merchant account