AboveBoard is a startup building a global securities trading system on top of Ethereum tokens

AboveBoard United States
Jan 08, 2018
Looking for a blockchain developer to write and test and deploy Ethereum Solidity code, and provide blockchain knowledge for our distributed team. As we advance, this developer will help us design encryption workflows that use wallets from Ethereum and other blockchains. We will eventually design our own blockchain and distributed storage. We will use javascript, Node.js and the MERN stack to build Web services and a UI around this system. AboveBoard is a startup building a global securities trading system on top of Ethereum tokens. The company is run by an experienced entrepreneur and programmer who has worked with globally distributed teams. We are looking for these skills: Ethereum programming and administration Blockchain programming and architecture Some encryption knowledge is required. You should know the basic ways to use public / private key encryption, and you should be able to explain how a digital signature works, and you should be able to explain the general idea of how blocks are added to a chain. Programming with javascript and Node.js Helpful skills include: Working in distributed teams Continuous integration and automated testing. You should be able to set up a new application repository with cloud-based build and test scripts. Blockchain trading experience Cloud devops and administration Cloud and Web service architectures Work remotely, or come to the office in Boston We hope to get started with one-week paid trial job, full time or part time. If this has good results for both sides, we will negotiate for a permanent commitment to join our startup team. Full time is preferred, but part time can work. We will pay a competitive hourly rate, plus equity and tokens.