Saddle House

Hacker house and blockchain bootcamp

Saddle House San Francisco, CA, United States
Dec 05, 2017
We are starting a new bootcamp for coders interested in learning how to get involved in the ethereum/ICO/blockchain space. The program details have not been finalized and we are looking for a independent contractor who can work with us more like a partner. Your input will be critical for the curriculum, format, and other details of the bootcamp. The bootcamp is primarily geared towards ethereum-based projects, but that is not the only focus. We prefer to teach students some generalized concepts not associated with just one blockchain.  Job Duties:  --teach up to 15 students for maximum of 2-month immersive coding bootcamp up to 3 or 4 times per year --design bootcamp curriculum and prerequisite study materials--review applicants and help select the cohort --design alternative scaled-down online bootcamp curriculum --interact with online bootcamp cohort, providing feedback and responding to questions --build website for the bootcamp --host occasional workshops/meetups to build awareness Job Requirements:  --strong understanding of Solidity, with extensive experience in Ethereum smart contracts, EVM, ERC20 tokens, blockchain testnet environments, ICOs in general, and game theory  --must have built live smart contracts using ethereum/Solidity --ideally you have built and launched an ICO and written a white paper --fullstack coding experience We have an office space in the Mission and we have a hacker house for the bootcamp participants to stay. The job will begin as part-time and flexible but during instruction periods, it will be full-time. Pay is negotiable, and the job is for an independent contractor, not an employee.