Innovation and development is at the forefront of what we do. 

MedBlock proposes to utilise blockchain technology to securely aggregate, link and distribute patient data (medical records) to the destination of patient choice. MedBlock is strategised to find solutions within the healthcare industry towards completely new, more secure, efficient ways of storing, managing, and distributing data information. Blockchain solutions applied 

We are an energetic start-up based on the Silicon Roundabout looking to source a dynamic team.

MedBlock Shoreditch, City of London, London, United Kingdom
Nov 22, 2017
We are looking to source a dynamic blockchain consultant/developer able to assist in the creation and development of our blockchain based healthcare solution.  We are a start-up open to brainstorming and taking new ideas for development onboard.  We are emerging our prototype stage of development. MedBlock   proposes to create and   connect existing systems to blockchain networks, enabling the automation of arbitrary business processes using the data and identities of those existing systems. MedBlock will develop a blockchain architecture in B2B use through healthcare service providers and transparent ease of access to patients.