Kite Consulting Group

Kite Consulting Group – Recruiting A-Players

Winners: Best Banking/Financial Services Recruitment Agency 2016

Please get in touch if you are interested in blockchain talent or evaluating top performers.

Kite is a high integrity, principle centric supplier and we are passionate about the hiring of only top performers for our customers and proud of our A-Player focused business model.  It has taken a huge amount of work to be able to consistently evaluate top performers for customers, even using our prorietary methods and processes and we are proud to be winners of the 2016 Best Banking and Financial Services award due to our methods and approach.

Kite is the most experienced Market Infrastructure recruiter in the world, and we have been working closely with our customers to deliver insight and information on how to engage their staff for the potential of blockchain.  Kite works with many Financial Markets, Banking and FinTech businesses to find the top performers that navigate their business through technology change.