Alluminate is a DC-based financial services company that specializes in cryptocurrency market intelligence, blockchain development consulting, and investment. Alluminate aims to give retail, accredited, and institutional investors, hedge funds, and pension fund managers portfolios safe exposure to cryptocurrency markets. We engage in advocacy efforts with government actors to make sure that digital ledger technology is understood by those who have the influence to help with its growth. We concentrate our efforts through consultation, providing actionable intelligence, and committing to accessibility and education.

Alluminate is building a world enabled by the tokenized economy. We believe that blockchain overcomes trust obstacles inherent to multiparty economic transactions, has the ability to keep members of society free and accountable, and transfers the value of commodified data from thin protocols into fat ecosystems. We are currently in the process of developing an all-in-one cryptocurrency market intelligence platform, Here, we will provide the risk analysis of all cryptocurrencies over all exchanges through a peer-reviewed methodology. We will engage the public by producing purchasable reports of our assessments, dramatically reducing the time it takes for lawyers, consultants, and traders to understand white papers. We will be creating scripts to scrape data from the white papers and produce these reports as well as performing an audit of their platform and development teams.