Untappt LLC

Untappt LLC Boston, MA, United States
Sep 21, 2017
Excited about blockchain technologies? Us, too And we’re growing quickly. Get ready to take a deep-dive into blockchain technology challenges as we build one of the most innovative solutions our industry has seen, yet. If you’re an engineer at heart, want to be a foundational team member, and are excited about solving things that no one else has, let’s chat.  All About You (with an understanding passion trumps skills)  • An innate desire to work with, lead, and build new processes at a 'quickly' emerging tech startup  • 8-15 years software engineering experience developing back-end and front-end logic (i.e. you love • playing with all parts of the stack)  • Experience across the entire stack in at least one complex application and happy to work all around the stack. Knowledge of, but not limited to, Node.js, Python, Java, ReSTful APIs and object-oriented programming.  • Experience with distributed systems architectures and principles  • A baseline understanding of applied cryptographic principles, (e.g. asymmetric / symmetric encryption, signatures, hashing, authentication)