AppTad Inc.

AppTad has a fully extensible development center Both in USA & India with expertise in the following areas:

  • Ethereum , Solidity , Homestead , Truffle
  • Hyperledger Chain, ICO and Go
  •  Angular , Json, Node.js, IONIC, Cardova ,Google Material Design, Ext.js  IOS , Android ,
  •  NoSQL, Mongo , Storm , Kafka , Pentaho
  • Elliptical Curve , Mathematical Trapdoor
  • RAFT , PAXOS , Angular.js
AppTad Inc. Reston, VA, United States
Sep 13, 2017
Full stack polyglot developer with experience of Blockchain, web and enterprise related technologies e.g. Ethereum, Node.js, Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Java, Python, Go, Rust.  Architecture design skills. Experience of working in Financial Services. Versed in agile methodologies. Enthusiasm for working in a space full of unknown unknowns, pivoting as needed, and being comfortable with not knowing the end state. Teamwork, flexibility, initiative, networking, communication and organisation competencies. Passion for emerging business & technology models.