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How to Attract Top Performing Blockchain Developers to Apply to Your Job Advert | Blocktribe

How to Attract Top Performing Blockchain Developers to Apply to Your Job Advert | Blocktribe

As we have spoken about previously on this blog (here! & here!) finding great talent is tough at the best of the times, but finding great blockchain talent is super difficult right now.

Blockchain & DLT is being explored by hundreds of start ups and major organisations around the world as we speak.  To develop a good distributed system you first need an A-Player developer. These are the ones who understand workflows back-to-front, perfect user interactions and are learned in the industry nuances to required to build complex distributed systems.

However, these amazing developers don't spend much time being unemployed and the companies that were lucky enough to snag them, they won't give them up without a fight. The result? Very few experienced blockchain people looking for work, and even fewer really excellent people. So, let's get to the bones of this blog post:

How do you attract excellent blockchain development talent to your business?

To attract the very best people to your blockchain project you’ll need to offer and present something that they don’t already have. 

Great developers want to work on the most interesting project:

Changing the world?  Let people know! State how complicated and difficult the challenge is in your job advert. Opportunity to work with brilliant minds?  Many blockchain developers are in small innovation teams and crave the interaction with likeminded bright and knowledgable people.  If your blockchain project has the involvement of key figures in Ethereum, Hyperledger or R3 then shout about the opportunity to learn.

Remote working?  This is a great benefit that results in our highest number of job applicants per job advert.  If your business will allow a developer to work remotely then you give them the ability to conduct their work life from a low cost (usually warm and sunny!) environment and significantly increase their quality of life. You can even put this in the job title.

How should I promote my job:

Ask for referrals. We find that the most reliable source for hiring the best people is personal referral. Make sure that you personally shout about your need to hire a blockchain developer, tell people on social channels and face to face. This is the most reliable way to hire great people, and you should make asking for referrals a life habit.

Advertise you vacancy on – Yes the website you're on right now! We can help. Blocktribe is the world's largest blockchain job board with more blockchain vacancies than any other. Thousands of blockchain experienced people search the site every month and you’re very likely to get response to your advert. Check out your competition here.

Recruitment Agency. Recruitment agencies can take the hard work out of finding people, helping to build teams quickly.  You pay for the priviledge of their efforts, but a good recruitment agency can be a very valuable supplier. Be sure to pick an agency that finds only good quality people to avoid paying fees for bad hires.

Social. Once your job is advertised on Blocktribe promote that advert on all of your social channels and consider paid advertising to increase the reach. LinkedIn and Twitter are most likely to attract the people you're after.

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