Blockchain and the Upcoming Skill Shortage | Blocktribe

Blockchain and the Upcoming Skill Shortage | Blocktribe

If you’ve seen our previous blog post, Blockchain: Where Are We Now?, you will know that there hasn’t been a steady trickle-through of blockchain projects. It’s been a metaphorical tsunami. Dozens of Proof of Concepts (POC) are being worked on right now with prototypes due to go live next year.Just take a look at these as an example:

All of these projects will simultaneously need developers, project managers, interns, software engineers, juniors, marketing managers – the list goes on and on. But are there enough suitable people ready to be hired?

In short, probably not.

However, there are thousands of people who want to work in the blockchain space, it’s just that their passion doesn’t necessarily translate practically. These companies want people with a particular set of skills - and I’m not talking Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’ kind of skills (10 points if you get the reference!).

Jokes aside, these companies want people who have experience in blockchain. But since it’s a relatively new technology, there’s an element of playing catch up. If experience definitely isn’t possible then job seekers need to have studied the languages and tools required to work in this space.

Luckily, there are plenty of blockchain training opportunities that are becoming available; with options for beginners and intermediates, these courses offer people the chance to work in blockchain even if their previous experience isn’t directly related.

If you interested in the best blockchain training courses, stay tuned as we have a whole blog dedicated to it coming up!

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