ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend. 22nd and 23rd October | Blocktribe

ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend. 22nd and 23rd October | Blocktribe

The weekend is over and done with but it’s not all doom and gloom! Kick start your week and shake up that grey matter with a little blockchain news.

Could blockchain change the music industry? Stabilise medical marijuana? All will be answered in our weekend round up!


-          Singer Imogen Heap believes blockchain can fix the music industry. The Hide and Seek songstress thinks smart contract will make receiving download payments so much faster. Speaking to Real Business she said, “Imagine if every time someone interacted with a song people got paid, without having to look them up […]At the moment it takes up to two years for me to receive my money […] In this day and age when we make millions of transactions a second, how can it take so long?” Read more here.


-          Will Trump or Hilary invest in FinTech? Chris Larsen, the CEO of start-up company, Ripple has waded into the US Presidential debate, urging the next leader of America to appoint a dedicated FinTech advisor. The businessman argues that proactive strides were taken in the ‘90s between Silicon Valley and Washington, which put the US on the map with regards to the “internet and the digital economy”. Read more here.


-          Company uses blockchain for medical marijuana. Medicinal Genomics (MCG) has teamed up with 12 cannabis cultivators to improve quality standards of the drug – and they are using blockchain to help track the DNA sequencing strains. This will help increase the stability of the marijuana and safeguard its benefits for patients. Read more here.


-          Estonian company raises $2.6 million for blockchain stock exchange. Funderbeam, which is led by Kaidi Ruusalepp (former CEO of the Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange) has announced plans for a “funding and trading engine for growth companies”. The bigger vision is to launch something akin to a stock exchange and with funding from Draper Associates, Thomson Reuters and IQ Capital.  Read more here.


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