Blockchain: Where Are We Now? | Blocktribe

Blockchain: Where Are We Now? | Blocktribe

It seems like every day there is a story about a new blockchain venture. Whether it’s a futuristic wallet that will change the way we spend money or governments tracking criminals – blockchain is everywhere at the moment.

Now a lot of these ideas are exactly that… ideas. Just whispered plans in boardrooms or conversations at conferences. Some are in the Proof of Concept (POC) stage. For the uninitiated, this is where developers test designs or assumptions and make tweaks to the technology. Very few of these ideas are prototypes. These are more fully realised and usually allow the developers to test the whole system before going ahead with the actual product launch.

But this is definitely changing.

As more and more companies and industries explore the possibilities of blockchain and how it can streamline, economise and modernise their standard processes, the more POCs and prototypes we will see get the green light. In fact, just last week IBM predicted that by 2017 blockchain will be used by 15% of big banks. This is huge news and will undoubtedly lead to a large influx of opportunities in the blockchain space.

It’s a very exciting time. After launching at the end of September, has 38 registered blockchain focused companies and over 130 open job roles and this is only going to increase as the need for blockchain talent grows.

The tricky thing is… the need is growing like an impending tidal wave but is the talent pool a bit shallow? There are plenty of people who want to transition to the blockchain market, who are nurturing an academic interest in the subject or perhaps are even working in the space currently and want to advance their careers. But it remains to be seen what will happen if all these blockchain companies need developers/engineers/project managers at the same time. Will there be enough job seekers to go around?


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