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ICYMI: Blockchain News From The Weekend | Blocktribe

ICYMI: Blockchain News From The Weekend | Blocktribe

The news doesn’t take a break, even at the weekend. So while you were eating/drinking/sleeping/watching Netflix on the sofa (delete as applicable) the world of technology was making some crazy advancements.

But in case you missed it, here is our weekend round up:

  • A futuristic wallet that will control your shopping habits? This latest development by NewDealDesign is every shopaholic’s nightmare. The frugal gadget, Scrip will supposedly make spending on your credit card feel more like actual money and therefore, make it harder to part with your virtual cash. The product is still in the concept stage, so spendthrifts can rest easy, for now. Read more here.
  • Big name banks turning to blockchain to manage reference data. Credit Suisse, HSBC, Citi Bank and Alliance Berstein are among seven names that have collaborated with R3 (a banking consortium studying blockchain) and Axoni (technology firm specialising on blockchain), looking at how blockchain could change data processes and reduce back office costs. Read more here.
  • Dubai hopes blockchain can help catch criminals. The UAE city is known for its flashy buildings, fast cars and scorching heat, but Dubai is quickly becoming the capital of blockchain. The government’s Dubai Future Foundation is hoping blockchain developers can help with transport, renewable energy, commercial infrastructure and even helping the police identify and track criminals! Read more here.
  • Singapore has started road testing B2B blockchain contracts. This will mark the first B2B contract that is openly available for Blockchain to verify, following the private smart contract between IBM and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ last week. Could this be the first real glimpse of decentralised contracts? We’re not sure, but the Lion City is certainly leading the pack on this one. Read more here.

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