Welcome – Europe’s first dedicated blockchain job site | Blocktribe

Welcome – Europe’s first dedicated blockchain job site | Blocktribe

We built because we believe in the power of blockchain technology.

We understand that this small community is fast evolving into a distinct sector and an actual career path in its own right.  We want to connect hirers and job seekers to support the innovation and evolution that blockchain can offer.

Already our world has been shaped by technology, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the future holds innovations and developments that right now, the world is not even able to comprehend. These technological advancements are made possible by one thing only. Talented people.

The people who are passionate about pushing their knowledge to the limits, combining industry knowledge or academic learning with the principles and opportunities of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will change the world. These are the people that thrive off innovation.

If you’re an employer in a blockchain business or project these are the people you need access to. If this sounds like you, we want you to be able to sign up and find the best blockchain jobs in the world.

We know, it sounds too good to be true. And we get it. It’s hard to hire people for blockchain projects at the moment, as those people have to be highly skilled in the relevant industry and also aware, interested and capable of learning blockchain rapidly.  We also understand that it’s hard to find blockchain roles, as many people searching for jobs might have an academic interest, or previously worked for blockchain-adjacent projects, but might not feel like they can transition to working in blockchain full throttle.

It’s only going to get more difficult too as many projects are moving out of Proof of Concept (PoC) in the next few months and the focus of hiring will move away from small innovation teams to large-scale production technology and business hiring. Multiple start ups around the world are raising funding at the same time, large blue chip businesses are also expected to move from PoC to scale up development projects all at the same time.  Talent shortages are going to get worse not better. 

Here is where steps in.

Job Seekers can search for work, register their CV (resume) with blockchain hirers and learn about blockchain companies in their region who are hiring. Recruiters can search a dedicated source of job seekers interested blockchain and distributed technology for the first time – something that’s vital to this industry. It’s free to post jobs and we will market those jobs to as many interested people as possible.

The internet of data brought us Google, Facebook, Amazon and every major online and mobile service available today.  Only the future will tell what the internet of money will herald.