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ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend | Blocktribe

ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend | Blocktribe

This week we are travelling around the world of finance and technology. Starting with a new bitcoin initiative from India, new blockchain regulations from Switzerland and London is being touted as the leader in the FinTech industry, swiftly followed by Singapore and New York.

So buckle up and let’s begin!

  • Indian bitcoin exchange launches new mobile wallet app. The release of Unocoin comes 2 months after the company raised $1.5 million from investors and according to the owners reflects India’s love for mobile devices. The app allows iOS and Android users to buy and sell bitcoin directly. Read more here.


  • New report finds London is leading the FinTech sector. A report from Deloitte and All Street Research, analysed 21 of the major FinTech companies across the world and found that 5 of these have a leading Index Performance score of 25, indicating that they are more conducive to FinTech developments. At the top spot was London, followed by Singapore, New York, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong respectively. Read more here.


  • Swiss government relaxes regulations for FinTech companies. The Swiss Federal Council has recommended a three-pronged strategy, which they hope will support FinTech start-ups. Finance Minister, Ueli Maurer said, “We assume that with the steps we have prepared and the commitment we have to the overall financial services industry we can provide a solution that puts us among the top [countries] in the world that regulate this.” Read more here.


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