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How to Hire a Great Blockchain Developer | Blocktribe

How to Hire a Great Blockchain Developer | Blocktribe

Following on from our blog post ‘What Does a Great Blockchain Developer Look Like?’, this week we will cover how to hire a good blockchain developer.

Here are our tips for the interview process, what to look for in their CV and how to advertise your blockchain role effectively.

Don’t scare people with your job spec

It can be tempting to use your job spec to filter out candidates. You will often see ‘only apply if you have X’ – which is fine to an extent but if your advert is repeating this phrase over and over again you might want to reconsider. Make it exciting and appealing so that when the rock star reads it, they will send across their CV. Remember, you can always filter through the applicants later on!


Challenges and Complexities

Speaking of the job spec, great developers love challenges, complexity and visibility - make sure you jobs spec discusses the impact that they can make on your business and how visible their achievements could be.


Core Product

Once you are at the reviewing resumes/CVs stage, consider how critical their project is to the business? Is it the main project or an enhancement? If they’ve been put in charge of the core product then they will be the best developer. Basically, the rule is the more complex and visible the project, the better the developer.


Why should someone want to work for you?

It’s not always something that interviewers consider, but it’s important to think about what makes your company desirable. To paraphrase author Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, "begin with the end in mind". What does this mean? Well ask yourself why would a great developer want to work for you? Why would a great developer want to work on your product? Once you’ve identified the answers you will be better placed to find these qualities in a prospective employee.


Watch out for unexplained short job roles or long career gaps

This isn’t blockchain developer specific but worth noting all the same: be wary of developers with unexplained short job roles and/or long gaps between work.  It's not to say that no one with a fractured resume/CV is any good, but usually great developers don’t struggle to find work. These are the people that work with companies for a long time (because they are invaluable) and they usually get re-hired by the same people repeatedly.


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