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ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend | Blocktribe

ICYMI: Blockchain News from the Weekend | Blocktribe

Happy Monday! It’s time to kick start your week with all things blockchain-related, so grab your coffee and get ready for some serious tech knowledge.

Today we’ve got Walmart using blockchain to avoid rotten purchases, a blockchain competition sponsored by US Department of Health, 9 blockchain firms accepted into to the UK Financial Conduct Agency sandbox scheme and increased scrutiny for US voting system.

Let’s get started:

  • Walmart trials using blockchain to remove unsafe foods from shelves. The supermarket giant has begun using the blockchain’s distributed ledger to identify the sources of hazardous foodstuff making it far quicker to pull a dodgy item from the shelves. The info will detail everything from the supplier to the courier, making it easy for the brand to clamp down on bad business. Read more here.


  • US Department of Health sponsored a blockchain research contest. The federal agency sponsored the so-called ‘Blockchain Challenge’ received over 70 white papers from industry and academics, with topics included; maintaining the security of patient’s medical records and giving patient’s better control over their records. Read more here.


  • Nine blockchain tech companies accepted into UK Financial Conduct Authority scheme. As part of the sandbox program, which was launched in May earlier this year, the FCA has given the go-ahead to 24 applications made by 9 companies. This will allow the firms to test out new innovative ideas minus all the regulatory consequences that would usually ensue. Read more here.


  • New York-based tech firm wants to increase scrutiny for US voting system. Following a controversial presidential election, Blockchain Technologies Corp. aims to use ‘tamper-resistant’ blockchain technology on any elections. The smart tech would report any suspicious behaviour or any hacking threats. Read more here.


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