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Why You Should Want To Work For Gem | Blocktribe

Why You Should Want To Work For Gem | Blocktribe

Today we are showcasing why you should want to work for Gem - a company that builds blockchain operating systems with projects in healthcare, supply chain management, and insurance.

Fancy working with a vibrant, enthusiastic and tech-obsessed bunch? Then look no further!



Based in beautiful Los Angeles, California, the Gem office is modern with an open floor plan just one block from the Venice Beach boardwalk.

The area is famous for body builders (Hello Arnold Schwarzenegger) and street performers, just think of the people-watching potential come lunchtime!



Office Life

Collaboration is a huge part of Gem’s culture, so you'll find every conference room has wall-to-wall whiteboard paint.

Every Wednesday they have an All Hands-style meeting called “Gem Sesh” where the entire team gets to enjoy company sponsored lunches and discuss the latest and greatest technologies. Past topics have included; comparisons of various consensus algorithms in the blockchain space, messaging pipelines in enterprise architecture and security issues with smart contracts.

Having an informed team keeps everyone at the top of their game and Gem knows this. To keep everyone in the loop they created a slack channel called "Read This" which allows employees to post and discuss major news in the blockchain industry



Nice Extras

This year Gem flew the entire team to Nashville for Distributed:Health, the first blockchain healthcare conference. (Watch their video here.)

People who enjoy a spot of light-hearted competition will love taking part in Gem's socials. As big fans of classic parlor games, the team love to play "Guess the Celebrity", Giant Jenga, Family Feud, cornhole, and pool - sore losers need not apply!

Games aside, every other month they host an Ethereum meetup at the Gem HQ and invite top people from the community to speak, network and learn more about their industry.

Perhaps one of the coolest perks - for a Gemologist's one year anniversary they get a personalized bobble head that lives in the office. Who doesn't want their own personalised bobble head?!

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(Images supplied by Gatecoin and Adobe)

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(Images supplied by Gatecoin and Adobe)

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