What Does A Great Blockchain Developer Look Like? | Blocktribe

What Does A Great Blockchain Developer Look Like? | Blocktribe

Blockchain development is currently being explored by organisations across the globe, from 100-year-old banks to fledgling start-ups.

Knowing how to identify the best person for the role can be tricky, so we have outlined some factors that can help sort the mediocre from the absolutely incredible.



First and foremost, great developers have great reputations.  If you meet a potential superstar developer, be sure to speak to some of his former employers to make sure that they agree. You should also browse through their portfolio of previous work and investigate any that are similar in scope to your project.


Up-to-date industry knowledge

They will know the relevant industry systems, protocols and underlying technologies. And any blockchain developer worth their salt will know the basic languages, tools and software development methods that are widely used in the industry. 


Active member of the blockchain community

Hire developers who are part of the rapidly growing blockchain community. They will be the ones going to conferences, meet ups and presentations to learn, and teach.  The industry is hugely collaborative at the moment and a great developer will be someone who benefits from and contributes to the wider community.


An excellent multitasker

Blockchain (and other distributed ledger technologies) adds a layer of complexity to development and one of the biggest challenge is to think in a way that is conducive to creating systems and platforms that multiple parties access and rely on.  Development has rarely been done like this before and a great developer will need the mental capacity to solve technical and business problems simultaneously.


Internal software or commercial product?

If you're developing a commercial product it pays to hire senior blockchain developers who are used to delivering viable products to customers. Other developers who work on internal systems can be great, but sometimes they aren't used to the user experience and quality of finish requirements needed in a commercial development.



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